Ice Ball Face Roller

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TRANSFORMS SKIN IN 30 SECONDS: Using this facial ice roller is incredibly easy! Simply fill the iced contour and freeze. Next, apply the ice to your skin in a circular motion for thirty seconds.


  • Act as a facial rejuvenation
  • promotes Dry Skin
  • Minimize Wrinkles
  • Minimize Pimples
  • Help to fade Dark Circles
  • Reduces Migraine
  • Reduce Acne

How to use:

  • Fill in with distilled or purified water and your favorite ingredients from the top hole. Ingredients like rose water, aloe, cucumber, coconut oil and other essential oils
  • Put the roller in refrigerator 
  • Once your ice roller is frozen, remove the lid gently. Rinse the surface of the roller for 30 seconds before use 
  • Apply the ice to your skin using circular motions. For optimal results, use product twice or daily.

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